The Biblical Studies Minor within the Bachelor of Theology is designed to prepare students for further studies, postgraduate practical training for vocations in Christian ministry or missions, Bible translation and various forms of secular employment including religious education. The structure of this Minor necessitates that it builds upon the foundational biblical and theological subjects which make up the compulsory Bachelor of Theology Core. The Biblical Studies stream requires students to acquire an introductory knowledge of Koine Greek and Old Testament Hebrew or a working proficiency in Koine Greek. Skills in exegesis are expanded to include exegesis in either the English text or Koine Greek. This Minor also enables the student to deepen their knowledge of biblical theology, as exegetical subjects will incorporate issues concerning biblical theology. This element of the course design not only allows for areas of personal interest but also, especially when combined with the Theology Minor, can provide skills required for future vocation such as preaching, teaching, Bible translation or mission work.

Students undertaking this minor are required to complete the following:

One (1) of the following

AND two (2) of the following

AND one (1) of the following

Linked to courses


Unit Required? Upcoming offerings
BB64X.306 Biblical Studies in Old Testament (English) [ show ] Elective
BB65X.306 Biblical Studies in New Testament (English) [ show ] Elective
BB67X.306 Biblical Studies in New Testament (Greek) [ show ] Elective
BB680.306 Introduction to Biblical Languages [ show ] Elective Online Semester 1, 2019
Face to face Semester 1, 2020
BB685.306 New Testament Greek 1 [ show ] Elective
BB691.306 Issues in Biblical Studies [ show ] Elective Face to face
BB75X.306 Biblical Studies in New Testament (English) [ show ] Elective
BB77X.306 Biblical Studies in New Testament (Greek) [ show ] Elective
BB686.306 New Testament Greek 2 [ show ] Elective
BB793.306 Research Project in Biblical Studies [ show ] Elective Independent/Flexible Semester 1, 2019; Semester 2, 2019; Summer, 2019; Semester 1, 2020; Semester 2, 2020, and Summer, 2020

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