Unit Name - click to view delivery details Unit Code Time Start Date Delivery Mode Location Room Delivery Notes
Arts and Creativity AR840 - Mon, Feb 17 2020 FlexiClass Wantirna
Leading and Organising for Social Change CD821 09:30AM Mon, Feb 17 2020 Scheduled Wantirna
Living in Christ CF801 09:30AM Tue, Feb 18 2020 Scheduled Wantirna
Common Counselling issues CN802 09:30AM Mon, Feb 17 2020 Scheduled Wantirna
Introduction to Counselling CN810 01:30PM Tue, Feb 18 2020 Scheduled Wantirna
Literature and Worldview EN803 09:00AM Wed, Feb 19 2020 Scheduled Wantirna
Introduction to Sociology SS801 06:00PM Thu, Feb 20 2020 Scheduled Wantirna

Eastern College Australia is committed to ensuring as much as possible that its classes will run. If enrolments for a class are less than expected a unit may be offered in a different form such as less face to face classes or online so that it is still available to students.