Unit Name - click to view delivery details Unit Code Delivery Mode Start Date Location Room Delivery Notes
Living in Christ CF801 Scheduled 22 Feb 2022 Wantirna
Common Counselling issues CN802 FlexiClass 21 Feb 2022 Wantirna

Classes will be on zoom Thursdays 7pm

Introduction to Counselling CN810 Scheduled 21 Feb 2022 Wantirna
Worldviews and Education: Geelong Cohort ED860 FlexiClass 21 Feb 2022 Christian College Geelong
Literature and Worldview EN803 Scheduled 23 Feb 2022 Wantirna
Principles and Practices of Translation LN811 Online 21 Feb 2022 SILA

Eastern College Australia is committed to ensuring as much as possible that its classes will run. If enrolments for a class are less than expected a unit may be offered in a different form such as less face to face classes or online so that it is still available to students.