TH807.406 Foundations for Faith



Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, the student will be able to:

Unit Description

The subject addresses the doctrine of Christology. Although traditionally within the realm of systematic theology, this subject will attempt to place biblical and historical foundations for the doctrine, as well as discuss its missiological implications for the local church.

Modern historical studies with regard to who Jesus was will be examined, as well as placing Jesus in his historical context and his self-understanding. This will then be followed by exploring Paul’s understanding of Christ leading through the early church fathers culminating in the pronouncements at the Council of Chalcedon.

Balancing systematic considerations (with regard to Jesus as both human and divine), with biblical (Old and New Testaments) and historical (church history) studies, what will emerge is the critical implications with regard to the church and its mission in contemporary society.

Major classical and modern models of the atonement will be described, along with assessment of their implications for Christian doctrine, life and mission.

Teaching Strategies

Teaching strategies include a selection of: lectures and tutorials; weekend schools; class discussions; and presentation of instructional material in the form of printed documentation, DVD, video and audio tape and online interaction.

Unit offerings

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