PR681.306 Youth Work Field Education 1



Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, the student will be able to:

Unit Description

This unit provides students with further practical experience in professional youth work from within a community-based setting/agency. An action-reflection process is utilised where students will work in a professional setting that offers them the opportunity for practice, initiative, reflection and supervision.

The workplace setting provides an opportunity for students to apply the various theories, strategies, skills and tools they have been introduced to and evaluate their developing philosophy of practice. Emphasis is placed upon students taking responsibility for managing themselves professionally, ethically and working productively within team/collegial environments, as well as taking initiative in the planning, implementation and evaluation of new and existing activities/programs. Emphasis is also given to the dynamics and issues entailed in working sympathetically and compassionately within indigenous and/or multicultural settings.

Professional development of students will take place within a supportive supervisory context both in the field and through class-based facilitated discussion. Students will be invited to critically reflect upon their practice in terms of both its proficiency and their personal engagement. Identification and analysis of challenging circumstances, ethically charged situations, legal ambiguity and self-care concerns are of particular interest as the student is encouraged to reflect upon their skills of self-awareness and reflective practice. A developed philosophy of youth work practice should be held by the student that reflects their practice of youth work in the context of the variety of models and philosophies already introduced in this course.

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