BB824.406 Introduction to the Bible



Learning Outcomes

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Unit Description

This subject is designed to inform and encourage the development of women leaders from a Christian perspective. It does this by addressing four key areas: provision of role models; biblical and theological basis; challenges involving women and leadership and; opportunities for leadership.

The subject begins with an historical survey of the role of Christian women in church and society from the early church to the 21st century. Prominent women and their achievements will be highlighted including key Australian women. Important historical events, such as the waves of feminism, will be examined for their influence upon the role of women.

Attention then turns to the theological and biblical basis for women leadership in society and the church. Accounts of women in the Old and New Testaments will be examined in the light of cultural context. Outlining the hermeneutical issues, important passages and the ‘difficult’ passages will be examined and a variety of views presented. A range of historical and contemporary theological views on the role of women will be presented.

The third part of the subject will address general leadership principles and also the particular issues that women in leadership may face. These include gender stereotyping, power and authority, leadership style, expression of strengths and work-life balance.

The subject will conclude with the presentation of the breadth of opportunities for leadership for Christian women including church and parachurch ministry, business and politics. This subject will seek, through discussion panels and addresses, the input of women leaders from a range of different areas in the church and society.

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