LN822.406 Introduction to Phonology

LN821.406 Introduction to Sociolinguistics

LN830.406 Introduction to Literacy

A unit in cultural anthropology

Students may not complete this unit if they have completed LN873.406



Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, the student will be able to:

Unit Description

This unit consists of three diverse parts intended to provide students with specialised understanding and skills for the role of Literacy Specialist in minority multicultural contexts as well as developing and integrating their other learning in the Graduate Diploma.

The Community Orthography section of this unit introduces students to the various factors involved in orthography design in a minority language situation including an awareness of community dynamics and issues of ownership as well as integrating the understanding gained from the prerequisite subjects. Major topics covered include: community ownership and involvement, sociolinguistic, psycholinguistic and linguistic factors in orthography design, and orthography testing. This section will typically be offered at the beginning of the second semester as a capstone of semester one units.

The Training section examines issues related to working, training and teaming in language development programs in minority language multicultural contexts. Students will discuss cross-cultural training issues and different approaches to teamwork and training that empower community representatives to work as equal partners in language development work. Topics covered in this subject are: • Different ways of learning and knowing in other cultures in formal and informal settings. • Planning for training in other cultural contexts – needs assessment, planning, conducting and evaluating training, * Leading, mentoring and coaching others, * Building effective multicultural teams in multicultural contexts. An emphasis is placed on developing a collaborative approach that establishes local ownership and management of projects.

The Planning section of this unit will be offered as an intensive at the end of the second semester. It will include an introduction to Results Based Management as well as students researching the context of a language development program and working in teams to design and evaluate a language development program. This will integrate previous studies in the Graduate Diploma and mirror planning processes used on the field.

Teaching Strategies

Teaching methods/strategies used in this unit include:

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