ED920.506 Developmental Learning and Pedagogies
ED921.506 Ecology and Management of Learning Environments



Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, the student will be able to:

Unit Description

There are three aspects to this unit. Trainee teachers will critically engage with the Design and Technologies strand of the Australian Curriculum and Victorian Curriculum which encourage both knowledge and understanding of how material, systems, tools and equipment have been used in society to meet needs. This strand also encompasses the encouragement of process and production skills such as creativity, innovation and applying ethical and environmental factors to the design of systems, products and tools. Secondly, trainee teachers will engage critically with the second strand of the technologies curriculum namely the focus on developing knowledge and understanding of the characteristics and properties of digital systems and digital information as well as creatively designing the use of such technologies to respond and solve problems.

Thirdly, trainee teachers will critically examine research on effective and ineffective practices and policies of how schools and teachers use technology in the learning process and demonstrate proficiencies in the use of ICT for lesson planning, assessing, and teaching to enhance learning.


  1. Perspectives on technology and issues overview
  2. Essential conditions for making decisions about Technology integration into the learning
  3. Consideration of the pedagogical issues surrounding Technology Integration
  4. Visit to school to examine their Learning system Platforms for teachers and students and how they are used
  5. Exploring the Social issues
  6. Assessment: How and where has technology helped/hindered?
  7. Cultural and equity considerations
  8. Technology and Special needs
  9. Legal and ethical issues raise by the use of Technology
  10. Exploring the Technical literacies and the Design/ Technology Curriculum

Unit offerings

Face to face: (Every Year, Semester 2)

Please note

The Unit Offerings listed above are a guide only and the timetable for any year is the final authority. The College may vary offerings based on demand, regulatory requirements, continual improvement processes or other conditions.

This unit may be available in different modes of delivery i.e. online and face-to-face as listed above. The unit content will not differ between these modes of delivery. There will possibly be a difference in the schedule and/or the prescribed assessment tasks, however both will cover and assess the same content.