ED920.506 Developmental Learning and Pedagogies



Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, the student will be able to:

Unit Description

This unit critically examines contemporary social, educational and regulatory contexts within which children with additional needs are considered, and examines the basis and expressions of autism, learning disorders, ADHD and behavioural issues. The unit analyses physiological, psychological and sociological factors that should be considered in identifying and supporting students with additional needs, and explores strategies and resources available to help teachers cater for children who require extra support and provisions in a school environment.

The unit examines relevant legal and educational requirements to support students with additional needs to enable them to participate in learning experiences and achieve learning outcomes. The unit engages with the codes of ethics and conduct and relevant legislative, administrative and organisational policies, their implications and application for practice in order to meet the needs of students with additional needs. The unit also covers knowledge of the role and responsibilities of working effectively, sensitively and confidentially with parents/carers, as well as with other professionals in planning and managing plans for students with additional needs. The unit also examines the role of external professionals and community representatives in broadening teachers’ professional knowledge and practice regarding students with additional needs.

During the unit, students will be provided with opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge of legislative requirements and teaching strategies that support participation and learning of students with a disability.


  1. Foundations of Inclusion
  2. Learning Disabilities + Victorian Education Disability Site
  3. ADHD + Managing Behaviour
  4. Autism + Sensory
  5. Specific Leaning Disability - Reading (Dyslexia) and Literacy + the Victorian Education Disability Site
  6. Planning for Inclusion and Stakeholders and Whole school planning
  7. Assistive Technology + ACD disability site
  8. Independent Learning Plan (ILP) + Auditory Processing Disorder (APD).
  9. Educational Support group+ Working with a Education support officer.
  10. Language & communication disabilities – verbal + Supporting Literacy competencies for students with Learning Difficulties
  11. Special Development Schools (SDS) – Non-verbal communication

Unit offerings

Face to face: (Every Year, Semester 1)

Please note

The Unit Offerings listed above are a guide only and the timetable for any year is the final authority. The College may vary offerings based on demand, regulatory requirements, continual improvement processes or other conditions.

This unit may be available in different modes of delivery i.e. online and face-to-face as listed above. The unit content will not differ between these modes of delivery. There will possibly be a difference in the schedule and/or the prescribed assessment tasks, however both will cover and assess the same content.