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Unit Description

This unit begins by detailing a wide range of sources that may be used in finding material relevant to a theological theme or issue. The strengths and weaknesses of these sources are then considered. Patterns and cross-referencing in the sources are then identified as an aid to improving understanding. Areas of agreement and disagreement in theological sources are considered and principles for exercising judgment are outlined. The unit then concludes by looking at theological issues against contemporary society. Students shall then apply personal understanding and personal experience to these issues.

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The Unit Offerings listed above are a guide only and the timetable for any year is the final authority. The College may vary offerings based on demand or other conditions.

This unit may be available in different modes of delivery i.e. online and face-to-face as listed above. The unit content will not differ between these modes of delivery. There will possibly be a difference in the schedule and/or the prescribed assessment tasks, however both will cover and assess the same content.