Competencies covered

Competency: CMTTHE403 Compare and present information on a theological theme or issue

Element: 1. Use material relevant to the theme

1.1 Locate material on a specific theme from a range of sources
1.2 Select and use material for the specific theme

Element: 2. Understand relationships within theological material

2.1 Identify and describe relationships in selected theological material
2.2 Make meaning from the identified relationships in selected materials
2.3 Identify disagreement or agreement of ideas within materials

Element: 3. Discuss the impact of theological themes or issues

3.1 Define the impact of a theological theme or issue on a given person, group or context
3.2 Articulate the impact of differing ideas on a particular theological theme or issue for a specific audience

Unit Description

This unit applies to individuals working in Christian communities who need to understand and present information on specific theological themes and issues relevant to the specific community.


Collecting and preparing information for use in a specific ministry settings.
Theological interpretative methods.
How to review theological sources critically.
Analysing and comparing information from different theological sources.
The importance of context and themes within theological materials.
Processing differences in theological opinion of other groups/individuals.

Unit offerings

Face to face: (Demand based)

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This unit may be available in different modes of delivery i.e. online and face-to-face as listed above. The unit content will not differ between these modes of delivery. There will possibly be a difference in the schedule and/or the prescribed assessment tasks, however both will cover and assess the same content.