Competencies covered

Competency: CHCEDS061 Support responsible student behaviour

Element: 1. Contribute to a safe and supportive environment.

1.1. Use positive and respectful communication styles with students in all situations.
1.2. Recognise any additional needs of students’ that may have impacts on behaviour.
1.3. Identify contributing environmental factors that may influence student behaviour.

Element: 2. Use positive behaviour support techniques.

2.1. Establish expectations for behaviour in consultation with teacher.
2.2. Communicate expectations and instructions to students in a manner appropriate to their needs and to the context of the activity.
2.3. Use appropriate positive reinforcement and clear verbal and non-verbal communication strategies to acknowledge responsible behaviour.
2.4. Identify behaviours requiring support and follow organisational policies and procedures to minimise effects on others.
2.5. Employ appropriate strategies to redirect behaviour and defuse situations of conflict or stress.
2.6. Observe the frequency, intensity and duration of behaviours requiring support and report to teacher.
2.7. Take appropriate steps to maintain personal safety of self and others.

Element: 3. Implement and monitor strategies to support student behaviour.

3.1. Implement strategies to support student behaviour as directed by teacher.
3.2. Identify areas of concern and discuss with teacher.
3.3. Monitor outcomes of strategies and record responses of students according to organisational policies and procedures.
3.4. Provide feedback on outcomes to teacher to modify future behaviour support strategies.

Unit Description

Support responsible student behaviour


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