Competencies covered

Competency: CHCEDS060 Work effectively with students and colleagues

Element: 1. Interact positively with students.

1.1. Use positive and respectful communication styles with students in all situations.
1.2. Use active-listening techniques to explore students’ interests and concerns through conversation where appropriate.
1.3. Use communication strategies that are developmentally appropriate for effective interaction and problem-solving with students.
1.4. Adapt communication technique to accommodate different cultural values, practices and sensitivities.
1.5. Demonstrate consideration for the needs of the student in all actions and decisions.

Element: 2. Respect and support students.

2.1. Support the integrity of individual student rights, self-determination and personal dignity.
2.2. Show genuine interest in, understanding of and respect for all students.
2.3. Acknowledge the efforts and achievements of students and provide encouragement to build confidence.
2.4. Model calm behaviour and respond appropriately to students displaying signs of distress, frustration or anger.
2.5. Support students to make own choices and experience natural consequences in a safe and supportive environment.
2.6. Identify situations where students require assistance and provide support within scope of own job role.

Element: 3. Work effectively with diverse students and colleagues.

3.1. Use communication styles that show respect and reflect the diversity of the school community.
3.2. Solve problems collaboratively when working with colleagues and students.
3.3. Reflect on own biases and use work practices that are inclusive and benefit educational outcomes.
3.4. Work collaboratively and share information to provide effective educational support in line with organisational policies and procedures.
3.5. Seek and act on feedback from colleagues and supervisors to continuously improve personal effectiveness in working with diversity.

Unit Description

Work effectively with students and colleagues


Unit offerings

Face to face: (Demand based)

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