Competencies covered

Competency: CHCEDS057 Support students with additional needs in the classroom

Element: 1. Work with others to support students with additional needs.

1.1. Identify own roles and responsibilities and those of others involved in supporting students with additional needs.
1.2. Cooperate with others to provide support to students.
1.3. Share information with others to facilitate student support according to organisational policies and procedures.

Element: 2. Support individual students with additional needs.

2.1. Reflect on own personal values and attitudes regarding additional needs when working with students.
2.2. Show respect, empathy and acceptance for individual differences when interacting with students.
2.3. Acknowledge and accommodate individual student needs in teaching and learning.
2.4. Provide students with encouragement to promote their positive self-concept and self-esteem.
2.5. Interpret and use individual learning plans to address additional needs.
2.6. Use language, equipment, materials and strategies suited to individual student needs.
2.7. Follow individual student learning plans created by teachers, and recommend amendments based on implementation experience.

Element: 3. Support the rights, interests and needs of students with additional needs as part of the education team.

3.1. Identify key issues facing students with additional needs and their carers.
3.2. Adhere to organisational policies, regulatory and legal requirements when working with students with additional needs.
3.3. Demonstrate a commitment to access and equity principles in all work.
3.4. Recognise and respond to the effects of specific additional needs on student learning.
3.5. Investigate and use strategies that assist students with additional needs to exercise their rights and independence.

Element: 4. Assist with classroom programs to support students with additional needs.

4.1. Identify and follow classroom strategies and plans used to support individual students.
4.2. Assist with required modifications of general activities to meet individual student needs.
4.3. Assist with whole class activities as directed by teacher.
4.4. Use positive guidance strategies and techniques appropriate to student and as directed by teacher.

Element: 5. Contribute to learning opportunities.

5.1. Identify and use strategies developed by teachers to encourage problem-solving by students.
5.2. Identify and use strategies developed by teachers to assist development of independence and social skills in students.
5.3. Observe students and identify and take opportunities to encourage and support incidental learning.
5.4. Report observations to teachers when reflecting on ways to improve learning opportunities.
5.5. Gather and record data as directed by the teacher.
5.6. Provide constructive advice and feedback to students using positive communication.

Unit Description

Support students with additional needs in the classroom


Unit offerings

Face to face: (Demand based)

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