Competencies covered

Competency: CHCEDS037 Support the development of numeracy skills

Element: 1. Work within guidelines for a numeracy program.

1.1. Read and interpret current teacher planning documents in relation to numeracy requirements.
1.2. Identify and access current numeracy programs.
1.3. Identify and follow agreed recording systems as developed by the teacher.
1.4. Work within structure and guidelines of numeracy program as directed by the teacher.
1.5. Select and modify resources that support numeracy programs based on student needs.
1.6. Follow confidentiality procedures when handling student records.

Element: 2. Provide numeracy support.

2.1. Use strategies that support numeracy program and individual needs as directed by teacher.
2.2. Select and implement activities that support understanding of numbers, use of number computations, measurement and numerical data.
2.3. Encourage the development of self-reliance in numeracy through positive feedback.
2.4. Use communication techniques that support effective interaction and learning.
2.5. Accurately record student progress according to organisational policies and procedures.
2.6. Maintain student confidentiality at all times.

Element: 3. Monitor progress.

3.1. Evaluate numeracy progress against program criteria.
3.2. Provide feedback and evaluation of student progress to teacher.
3.3. Review and adjust strategies based on monitoring and guidance from teacher.

Unit Description

Support the development of numeracy skills

Unit offerings

Face to face: (Demand based)

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