Competencies covered

Competency: CHCEDS034 Contribute to the planning and implementation of educational programs

Element: 1. Contribute to planning and preparation.

1.1. Contribute to planning in collaboration with teacher or other education professional.
1.2. Make contributions that reflect understanding of program objectives and outcomes and their relationship to current curriculum.
1.3. Prepare for implementation according to teacher direction, safety and legal requirements, school policies and procedures and job role.

Element: 2. Implement program under guidance of teacher.

2.1. Organise and distribute resources and student work as agreed.
2.2. Guide students in the location and use of relevant materials needed to participate in the lesson or activity.
2.3. Implement classroom strategies under teacher direction to support individual student needs.
2.4. Coordinate the provision of identified equipment and resources relevant to the program.
2.5. Identify and provide information that assists the teacher in establishing educational needs of students.

Element: 3. Contribute to a consistent and stable learning environment.

3.1. Clarify requirements and implement classroom routines appropriately.
3.2. Manage routine duties and tasks within established timeframe and according to school policies and procedures.
3.3. Promote cooperation and good relationships through positive approaches to work.
3.4. Identify possible environmental modifications that suit the individual needs of students according to established guidelines.

Element: 4. Contribute to individual and group assessment.

4.1. Accurately record and report observations as specified in the job role according to routine requirements.
4.2. Provide informed contributions to student reviews and case conferences when required.

Element: 5. Review the implementation of educational programs to identify potential strategies for improvement.

5.1. Evaluate program implementation to identify where improvements could be made.
5.2. Discuss outcomes with supervising teacher and share feedback to contribute to strategies for improvement.
5.3. Seek, acknowledge and act upon teacher feedback to improve own practice and identify development opportunities.

Unit Description

Contribute to the planning and implementation of educational programs


Unit offerings

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