Competencies covered

Competency: CHCCDE003 Work within a community development framework

Element: 1. Operate within a community development framework

1.1 Work towards the vision and mission of the community development work plan
1.2 Work with communities to achieve their priorities through enhancing skills, accessing appropriate support and working with others in the community who share concerns and issues
1.3 Identify and document the interrelationships between the priorities and rights of the individual, the family, the community and society

Element: 2. Distinguish between private and public issues arising in community development work

2.1 Employ appropriate interpersonal skills to hear individual stories and distinguish between private and public issues
2.2 Identify the individual’s willingness to engage in a public process to bring about change and facilitate the move from private concern to public action
2.3 Provide appropriate referrals to support people to deal with personal issues
2.4 Ensure all work reflects and meets duty of care responsibilities

Element: 3. Work with groups to achieve community development outcomes

3.1 Research and analyse community priorities
3.2 Identify and document shared community priorities within the public group processes
3.3 Plan appropriate strategies in collaboration with the group to ensure community priorities are addressed
3.4 Document community structures and resources available to groups to maximise outcomes for groups
3.5 Provide advice and information to groups and individuals as required to ensure they are fully informed about relevant issues and opportunities
3.6 Advocate and lobby for community based outcomes
3.7 Manage group dynamics, facilitate discussions and engagements processes
3.8 Review and modify own work practice within a community development framework

Unit Description

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to work within a community development framework.

A community development framework, may include a range of methods designed to strengthen and develop communities by enhancing individual and group capacity to confidently engage with community structures and to address problems and issues.

This unit applies to workers in both health and community sectors and/or a community development work context. Workers at this level will be part of a professional team and under the guidance of a supervisor.


Relevance of the community development work role and functions to maintaining sustainability of the workplace, including environmental, economic, workforce and social sustainability.
Traditional community development approaches.
Principles and practices of contemporary community development approaches and techniques for mobilisation.
Impact of current and changing social, political and economic contexts.
Strategies for addressing individual differences.
Principles and practices of community development work.

Unit offerings

Face to face: (Demand based)

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