Competencies covered

Competency: CHCCCS017 Provide loss and grief support

Element: 1. Recognise reactions to loss and grief

1.1 Recognise reactions to loss and grief
1.2 Take into account social, cultural, ethnic and spiritual differences
1.3 Identify situations where there may be risk to the health and/or safety of the person or other people and make appropriate referrals
1.4 Identify and assess an individual’s suicide risk and where necessary refer to appropriate services

Element: 2. Engage empathically

2.1 Interact with individuals with empathy, sensitivity, professionalism and courtesy
2.2 Identify and respect social, cultural, ethnic and spiritual differences
2.3 Select and use verbal and non-verbal communication approaches that acknowledge the individual’s emotional needs

Element: 3. Offer support and information

3.1 Identify individuals experiencing difficulty in coping with grief and trauma and link or refer them to options for further help as needed
3.2 Provide information about grief and bereavement support services and resources
3.3 Identify, suggest or use strategies for formal and informal grief and bereavement support
3.4 Obtain feedback from individual to confirm that options are clearly understood
3.5 Maintain confidentiality in line with organisation practices

Element: 4. Care for self

4.1 Monitor own stress level in relation to working in the area of grief and loss
4.2 Recognise and minimise risks to self associated with grief and bereavement support
4.3 Identify and respond to the need for supervision and debriefing

Element: 5. Review support provided

5.1 Reflect on outcomes during and after support is provided
5.2 Identify where further support is required
5.3 Review practices for continuous improvement

Unit Description

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to recognise and respond to the needs of people who are experiencing loss, grief and bereavement.

This unit applies to workers in a range of community services and health contexts.


Potential impacts at the individual, family and community level, of grief, bereavement and trauma.
Features and expressions of grief and how these may vary.
reactions that may indicate risk of suicide and required responses how loss, grief and bereavement can impact on social and emotional health and well being social, cultural, ethnic and spiritual differences in responses to loss, grief and bereavement Different contexts and circumstances that may be present prior to loss and their impact on grief and bereavement.
Strategies and communication techniques for formal and informal grief and bereavement support.
Grief and bereavement care services and information resources.
Stress vulnerability model and its application to loss and grief support.
Self care strategies and support services for workers.

Unit offerings

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