Competencies covered

Competency: CHCCCS016 Respond to client needs

Element: 1. Establish an interpersonal relationship with the client

1.1 Define boundaries and use communication skills to establish trust and respect
1.2 Assist the client to identify areas of concern and to determine options for action
1.3 Share information with client about options and services available to enable them to make informed decisions

Element: 2. Identify the range of issues impacting on the client

2.1 Identify indicators of harm, neglect, abuse or risk of harm
2.2 Seek information from a range of appropriate sources to identify possible presenting issues
2.3 Apply organisation procedures for collecting and analysing client information

Element: 3. Analyse information to determine course of action

3.1 Identify and prioritise client's current needs and available sources of assistance
3.2 Identify organisation's capacity to meet range of client needs to be addressed
3.3 Follow relevant legislation, organisation policies and procedures and duty of care obligations and legislative requirements in responding to indicators of actual or potential risk of abuse, neglect or harm
3.4 Recognise when client needs exceed limitations of service and/or role and respond and refer within organisation policies and procedures

Element: 4. Refer client to other services to provide additional support

4.1 Identify need for additional support
4.2 Work with client to motivate, support and encourage the client
4.3 Identify sources of assistance and refer as appropriate
4.4 Follow organisation policies and procedures for transitioning or exiting from service as per organisation and legislative requirements

Unit Description

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to respond holistically to client needs. Clients may have a range of issues outside and in addition to the area of immediate focus or expertise of the worker and their organisation.

The unit applies to workers in a range of community services contexts who provide person-centered support to clients.


Legal and ethical considerations for working with clients and how these are applied in an organisation and individual practice.
Organisation policies and procedures.
Identification of the impact of, and interrelationships between issues.
Organisation requirements and referral options for working with people experiencing issues.
Work role boundaries – responsibilities and limitations.

Unit offerings

Face to face: (Demand based)

Please note

The Unit Offerings listed above are a guide only and the timetable for any year is the final authority. The College may vary offerings based on demand, regulatory requirements, continual improvement processes or other conditions.

This unit may be available in different modes of delivery i.e. online and face-to-face as listed above. The unit content will not differ between these modes of delivery. There will possibly be a difference in the schedule and/or the prescribed assessment tasks, however both will cover and assess the same content.