Learning Outcomes

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Unit Description

This unit explores the dynamic relation between the three key areas of faith, reason and justice. The unit begins with exploring ‘radical’ Christian faith, its expressions and the biblical basis for it. The role of reason in the Christian faith is explored particularly in relation to public theology and the elements of a reasoned public Christian voice. Three historical Christian approaches to reason (Tension, F.S.U. and Thomistic) are presented. The role of apologetics and various apologetic approaches are examined along with elements to be considered in speaking into a pluralistic broader society. Social justice is addressed from a variety of aspects including secular social justice theories, the history of Christian social justice, the history of injustice for Aboriginal Australians, the biblical basis for Christians being engaged in social justice, a global view of social justice concerns and practical ways to address social justice issues. The unit concludes with reflection on the interaction between the Christian faith, reason and social justice. Throughout the unit, students are exposed to the lives of historical and contemporary social justice thinkers and practitioners.


Unit offerings

Face to face: Semester 2, 2024 and Semester 2, 2025 (Every Year, Semester 2)

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