BB824.406 Introduction to the Bible



Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, the student will be able to:

Unit Description

The unit begins by giving an overview of how language works. The shapes and sounds of the Greek and Hebrew alphabet are introduced with comparisons made to the English alphabet. The use of an exhaustive concordance to find the meaning of Greek and Hebrew words is then demonstrated and compared with interlinear translations.

The verb and noun systems for Hebrew and Greek are introduced with particular emphasis on determining standard lexical forms. Greek and Hebrew dictionaries and analytical lexicons are used to find the meaning of verbs and nouns in various forms.

The structure of Greek and Hebrew clauses, simple sentences and word order are explained by direct comparison to the English language. There is an emphasis on distinguishing between nouns, verbs and other elements of speech. Illustration of these concepts is made by looking at Bible commentaries that are based in the Greek or Hebrew language.

The importance of context is then introduced and is illustrated through word studies. This word study incorporates the use of multi-volume Greek and Hebrew theological dictionaries with an exhaustive concordance.

A number of tools for doing exegesis in both languages are demonstrated. An evaluation of online tools is made by direct comparison to the tools previously encountered. The unit concludes with a demonstration of biblical software and the additional functionalities that may be unlocked.

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