Students are required to complete 4 units in this minor.

The one (1) required unit:

AND three (3) of the following:

Linked to courses


Unit Required? Upcoming offerings
MN621.306 Leadership 1 [ show ] Elective Face to face
Face to face Summer, 2019
Online Semester 1, 2019
MN631.306 Pastoral Care [ show ] Elective Face to face Semester 2, 2019 and Semester 2, 2020
Online Semester 1, 2019 and Semester 1, 2020
MN651.306 Strategic Communication [ show ] Elective Face to face Semester 1, 2020
Online Semester 1, 2020
MN710.306 Theology of Ministry [ show ] Required Face to face Semester 2, 2019
Online Semester 2, 2020
MN638.306 Congregational Worship and Spirituality [ show ] Elective Face to face Semester 1, 2019

For the specific requirements of this specialisation, please refer to the course check for this course.

Eastern College Australia is committed to ensuring as much as possible that its classes will run. If enrolments for a class are less than expected a unit may be offered in a different form such as less face to face classes or online so that it is still available to students.