The major in Youth Studies offers students the opportunity to investigate the contemporary youth experience in terms of its diversity, the influences that shape it and the challenges that confront it.

Students will not only develop their understanding of these dynamics but they will also develop key competencies that enable them to responsibly and compassionately engage with young people in a variety of settings including statutory, community‚Äźbased and local church contexts. Students will be encouraged to develop their own reflective practice that authentically acknowledges their own faith perspective within an approach that is relationally engaged, contextually aware and responsive to the physical, emotional, social and spiritual strengths and vulnerabilities of young people.

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Unit Required? Upcoming offerings
YT540.306 Culture and Sociology of Youth [ show ] Required Face to face
YT541.306 Youth Work and the Youth Sector [ show ] Required Face to face
YT620.306 Vulnerability and the Youth Experience [ show ] Required Face to face
YT630.306 Youth and Spirituality [ show ] Elective Online
YT742.306 Practices of Youth Work [ show ] Required Face to face
YT721.306 Positive Youth Development [ show ] Required Face to face
YT791.306 Issues in Youth Studies [ show ] Required Independent/Flexible
YT750.306 Ethical and Professional Practice for Youth Work [ show ] Elective Face to face
CD520.306 Community Development and Social Change [ show ] Elective Face to face
CD621.306 Leading and Organising for Social Change [ show ] Elective Face to face
PS626.306 Human Lifespan Development [ show ] Elective Face to face Semester 2, 2021
YT650.306 Professional and Ethical Practice for Youth Work [ show ] Required Face to face
YT602 Group Work and Program Design [ show ] Elective Face to face Semester 2, 2021; Semester 2, 2022; Semester 2, 2023; Semester 2, 2024, and Semester 2, 2025
Face to face

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