The study of Mathematics develops students’ capacities to think mathematically, enhancing a logical approach to problem solving and a maturing ability in reasoning and critical thinking. The mathematics minor also gives a student a sound foundation in contemporary mathematics and its applications. It engages students in basic mathematic skills as well as the challenges of decision making through predictions and probabilities. Students are encouraged to reflect on the nature of creative order and its source in a Christian worldview.

Students undertaking this minor are required to complete all four (4) units.

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Unit Required? Upcoming offerings
MT560.306 Basic Calculus [ show ] Required Face to face Semester 1, 2019 and Semester 1, 2021
MT580.306 Statistics for Decision Making [ show ] Required Face to face Semester 2, 2020
MT610.306 Ordinary Differential Equations [ show ] Required Face to face Semester 1, 2020
MT640.306 Linear Algebra with Application [ show ] Required Face to face Semester 2, 2019 and Semester 2, 2021

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