The counselling major educates students in skills, knowledges and practices of counselling as is understood by clinical best practice.

The term “Counselling” is used in three different ways, which is also representative of the varied purposes for academic and professional studies in the field:

Firstly “Counselling” identifies a vocational purpose which is to prepare students to enter the profession with a view to formal accreditation. In this case the student is required to complete all 8 subjects in the 48 cp Counselling major which represent a broad exposure to the field with an applied focus, including an emphasis on the trainee counsellor’s personal awareness and the ethical practice and methods of counselling. In addition the applied emphasis is carried through to students being required to complete all four subjects in the 24 cp Counselling Practicum. The Counselling Practicum involves the student in actual professional counselling practice in an off‐campus counselling agency under field‐supervision as well as the study of specific counselling applications.

Secondly the term “Counselling” refers to a particular group of subjects that makes up the Counselling major sequence of eight subjects or minor sequence of four subjects. The major/minor sequences are suited to preparing learners who counsel informally as part of another vocation and/or those wishing to pursue these studies with academic or personal development interests.

Thirdly, the name appears in specific subjects that contribute to the discipline. Introduction to Counselling and Counselling Skills subjects provide students with an introduction to the foundational concepts and practices of counselling.

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Unit Required? Upcoming offerings
CN510.306 Introduction to Counselling [ show ] Required Face to face
CN522.306 Counselling Theory and Practice 1 [ show ] Required Face to face
CN611.306 Counselling Skills [ show ] Required Face to face
CN622.306 Counselling Theory and Practice 2 [ show ] Required Face to face
CN631.306 Ethical and Professional Practice for Counselling [ show ] Required Online
CN642.306 Family Counselling [ show ] Required Face to face
CN732.306 Counsellor Health in Practice [ show ] Elective Face to face
CN791.306 Issues in Counselling [ show ] Elective Independent/Flexible
CN793.306 Directed Study Project in Counselling [ show ] Elective Independent/Flexible

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