The Christian Foundations Core is a compulsory study sequence that affords students the opportunity to integrate the perspectives and skills they are developing from their chosen disciplines of study with the Christian faith. Through explorations in Christian spirituality, theology and biblical study students can develop a worldview that connects personal faith with their vocational direction, social engagement and personal development. Alongside the majors and minors of the Bachelor of Arts, it encourages students to become reflective practitioners who can identify, interact, and critically integrate the worldview and value positions implicit in these various disciplines.

In order to maximise the effect of integrating the study of the Christian Foundations Core with the study of other major and minors, students are strongly encouraged to complete at least 18 cp in their equivalent first year of study, 9 cp in their second and 9 cp in their third.

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Unit Required? Upcoming offerings
BB524.306 Introduction to the Bible [ show ] Required Face to face Semester 2, 2021
Online Semester 1, 2021
LN533.306 Literature, Philosophy and Civilisation [ show ] Required Online
Face to face
TH507.306 Foundations for Faith [ show ] Required Face to face
TH570.306 Living in Christ [ show ] Required Face to face
TH604.306 Faith, Reason and Justice [ show ] Required Face to face Semester 2, 2021
Online Summer, 2021
MN756.306 Integration of Vocation and Faith [ show ] Required Face to face
Face to face

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