Students must complete CN802 Common Counselling issues and two other units.

This specialisation will not allow graduates to be registered counsellors.

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Unit Required? Upcoming offerings
CN810 Introduction to Counselling [ show ] Elective Face to face Semester 1, 2022; Semester 1, 2023; Semester 1, 2024, and Semester 1, 2025
CN811 Basic Counselling Skills [ show ] Elective Face to face Semester 2, 2022 and Semester 2, 2024
CN802 Common Counselling issues [ show ] Required Face to face Semester 1, 2022 and Semester 1, 2024
CN820 Personal Philosophy of Counselling Practice [ show ] Elective Face to face Semester 2, 2022; Semester 2, 2023; Semester 2, 2024, and Semester 2, 2025

For the specific requirements of this specialisation, please refer to the course check for this course.

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