The Applied Linguistics specialisation provides opportunities for students to develop a good understanding of the structures and systems of languages, the socio-cultural constraints and resources that interact in multilingual contexts, and aspects of language development work including translation and literacy.

The Applied Linguistics specialisation is designed for those seeking job opportunities in multilingual, multicultural contexts where the use and development of local languages is valued and promoted. It prepares graduates to work with local churches and communities to develop Bible translation and Scripture engagement projects, and to facilitate the planning and implementation of literacy and other language development programs and practices.

Linked to courses


Unit Required? Upcoming offerings
LN501 Introduction to Linguistics [ show ] Elective Face to face
LN502 Introduction to Literacy [ show ] Elective Face to face
LN503 Introduction to Phonology [ show ] Elective Face to face
LN504 Introduction to Sociolinguistics [ show ] Elective Face to face
LN505 Linguistic Field Methods [ show ] Elective Face to face
LN506 Language Program Management [ show ] Elective Face to face
LN508 Literacy and Multilingual Education [ show ] Elective Face to face
LN509 Literacy Materials [ show ] Elective Face to face
LN511 Principles and Practices of Translation [ show ] Elective Face to face
LN512 Scripture Engagement [ show ] Elective Face to face
LN513 Semantics and Discourse [ show ] Elective Face to face
LN514 Structure of Languages [ show ] Elective Face to face
LN515 Training for Transformational Development [ show ] Elective Face to face
LN507 Linguistics and Language Learning [ show ] Required Face to face
EN501 Academic Writing & Communication [ show ] Elective Face to face

For the specific requirements of this specialisation, please refer to the course check for this course.

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