Unit Name - click to view delivery details Unit Code Time Start Date Delivery Mode Location Room Delivery Notes
Foundations for Faith CF502 09:30AM Thu, Jul 22 2021 Scheduled Wantirna
Introduction to the Bible CF503 09:30AM Tue, Jul 20 2021 Scheduled Wantirna
Faith, Reason and Justice CF604 09:00AM Thu, Jul 22 2021 Scheduled Wantirna
Integration of Vocation and Faith CF701 09:00AM Wed, Jul 21 2021 Scheduled Wantirna
Personal Philosophy of Counselling Practice CN520 06:00PM Thu, Jul 22 2021 Scheduled Wantirna

Class via Zoom

Counselling Skills and the Counselling Profession CN621 01:30PM Tue, Jul 20 2021 Scheduled Wantirna
Counselling for Crisis, Trauma and Loss CN704 01:30PM Mon, Jul 19 2021 Scheduled Wantirna
Counselling Field Education 1 CN724 09:30AM Mon, Jul 19 2021 Scheduled Wantirna

9:30 to 10:30am each week

Counselling Field Education 2 CN725 09:30AM Mon, Jul 19 2021 Scheduled Wantirna

9:30 to 10:30am each week

Educational Decision Making ED521 01:30PM Tue, Jul 20 2021 Scheduled Wantirna
Ecology and Management of Learning Environments: School Observation (5 days) ED621 09:00AM Wed, Jul 21 2021 Scheduled Wantirna
Integrating ICT Across the Curriculum ED623 06:00PM Tue, Jul 20 2021 Scheduled Wantirna
Professional Identity and Engagement: Ethics and the Law ED732 09:30AM Tue, Jul 20 2021 Scheduled Wantirna
Right Writing EN504 01:30PM Thu, Jul 22 2021 Scheduled Wantirna
English Literature: Blake to the Present EN602 - Mon, Jul 19 2021 Online Wantirna
Modern Literature EN736 - Mon, Jul 19 2021 Online Wantirna
Primary Health and Physical Education ES612 09:30AM Tue, Jul 20 2021 Scheduled Wantirna
Primary Technologies ES624 01:30PM Tue, Jul 20 2021 Scheduled Wantirna
Literacy and Numeracy Across the Curriculum: Professional Experience 1B ES626 06:00PM Wed, Jul 21 2021 Scheduled Wantirna
Adolescent Identity and Contexts ES627 01:30PM Wed, Jul 21 2021 Scheduled Wantirna
Primary Specialist: English & Professional Experience 1B ES712 06:00PM Mon, Jul 19 2021 Scheduled Wantirna
Primary Specialist: Mathematics & Professional Experience 1B ES713 06:00PM Mon, Jul 19 2021 Scheduled Wantirna
Primary Numeracy ES718 06:00PM Thu, Jul 22 2021 Scheduled Wantirna
Primary Literacy ES719 06:00PM Thu, Jul 22 2021 Scheduled Wantirna
Within and Beyond Secondary Schooling ES728 - Mon, Jul 19 2021 Independent/Directed Wantirna
Directed Study in Secondary Schooling ES729 - Mon, Jul 19 2021 Independent/Directed Wantirna
The World We Live In: World History Since 1945 HS570 - Mon, Jul 19 2021 FlexiClass Wantirna
Contact, Conflict and Reconciliation HS636 01:30PM Thu, Jul 22 2021 Scheduled Wantirna
Writing History HS702 - Mon, Jul 19 2021 FlexiClass Wantirna
Industry Engagement: Capstone IE701 - Mon, Jul 19 2021 Independent/Directed Wantirna
Linguistic Field Methods LN505 - Mon, Jul 19 2021 FlexiClass SILA
Literacy and Multilingual Education LN508 - Mon, Jul 19 2021 FlexiClass SILA
Principles and Practices of Translation LN511 - Mon, Jul 19 2021 FlexiClass SILA
Semantics and Discourse LN513 - Mon, Jul 19 2021 FlexiClass SILA
Training for Transformational Development LN515 - Mon, Jul 19 2021 FlexiClass SILA
Statistics for Decision Making MT580 06:00PM Tue, Jul 20 2021 Scheduled Wantirna

Alternating with MT640

Linear Algebra with Application MT640 06:00PM Tue, Jul 20 2021 Scheduled Wantirna

Alternating with MT580

Advanced Statistics MT780 - Mon, Jul 19 2021 FlexiClass Wantirna
Professional Practice: Teaching Primary (25 days) PR636.300 - Mon, Jul 19 2021 FlexiClass Wantirna
Internship 2: CYC Interns only PR660 09:30AM Thu, Jul 22 2021 Scheduled Wantirna
Internship 2: Albany WA students only PR660 - Mon, Jul 19 2021 Independent/Directed Albany
Professional Experience: Primary (30 days) PR731 - Mon, Jul 19 2021 FlexiClass SILA
Professional Experience: Secondary (30 days) PR732 - Mon, Jul 19 2021 FlexiClass Wantirna
Indigenous Australia and the Nation SS502 - Mon, Jul 19 2021 FlexiClass Wantirna

Over three Saturdays - Dates to be confirmed

Ethical and Professional Practice SS601 - Mon, Jul 19 2021 Online Wantirna
Spirituality in Youth Ministry YM501 11:30AM Wed, Jul 21 2021 Scheduled Wantirna

Eastern College Australia is committed to ensuring as much as possible that its classes will run. If enrolments for a class are less than expected a unit may be offered in a different form such as less face to face classes or online so that it is still available to students.